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Azek Trim and Your LI/NYC Home


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A well-done trim is important if you want your new vinyl siding installation to look good. A nicely contrasting trim makes the colors and details of your home pop. But trim also protects your home from rain, snow, and wind. Poorly installed trim can lead to problems like leakage, water damage, and wood rot.

Trim damage can also be an early sign of damage to the siding or roof. If you see any signs of trim damage on your home, you should have a contractor check it out immediately. If left ignored, damaged areas of trim can let in leaks that cause extensive water damage.

Many siding contractors use Azek exterior products. Azek has a reputation in the industry for high quality and consistency. Azek’s PVC trim products are a more durable and less expensive alternative to wood trims. We use Azek in our jobs.

At County Roofing Systems, we’ve been installing trim on a wide range of New York and Long Island homes for decades. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we can do wonders for your old house. A new trim job can make your house more attractive and energy efficient.

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What is Siding Trim?

Siding trim is used to frame and seal siding projects, or to create a transition point between siding and other materials. Azek offers several different types of siding trim:


Siding contractors install the starter trim at the bottom of the house. They then lock the first row of siding into the trim. This ensures the angle is accurate and the lines are straight throughout the installation.


The corner post trim is installed on the corners of your home. It protects the siding against weather damage. But it also helps lock the siding on each side into place and hides the siding ends for a more aesthetic finish.

Azek Corner Trim


This channel hides the cut edges of the siding where it meets windows and doors, making for a clean look. The J channel pieces also join together to drain water before it gets into your walls. If your contractor doesn’t connect the J channel properly to the siding, the siding may blow loose in a storm.


Rabbeted Trim has a pocket built into it, allowing siding to tuck into the trim. Rabbeted edges can make siding installations easier and help deliver a crisp façade. You’ll find Azok rabbeted boards on both exterior and interior trim jobs.


Azek Rabbeted Trim


Skirt boards form junctions between construction materials in construction. They also act as a shield between the wall and the floor to protecting walls from dirt, damage, and scuffing. And because they form a watertight seal, skirt boards can help stop mold from forming inside walls. 

What Our Customers Say About County Roofing

Can you paint Azek trim?

Yes! Azek trim comes in a matte white color that goes well with many different paints. But Azak recommends painting your trim to protect the substrate from mold, mildew, and UV rays. 

AZEK recommends using 100% acrylic latex paint with a light-reflective value (LRV) of 55 or higher. For colors of 54 or lower,  you should use paints specifically designed for use on vinyl or PVC. 

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Keith Schmied, changing the way roofing service is done.

Keith Schmied has been working as a siding contractor in Long Island and NYC for over three decades. He has a long track record of helping customers achieve their home improvement dreams. Whether you are looking for a full siding replacement or just need someone to repair damaged siding, County Roofing can help.

New siding protects the exterior of your home and provides insulation benefits you won’t get from your old siding. And because damaged siding can let in water, ignoring a problem can lead to extensive damage later.

We use only premium siding materials that will retain their vibrant color for decades. Let one of our representatives go over the different siding options, siding colors, and types of siding available.

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