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The M4 Roof Maintenance Program


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If you own a commercial building, you need somebody to be there when an emergency happens. With the M4 Roof Maintenance Program, you can relax because we’ve got you covered. The M4 Roof Maintenance Program gives you 24/7 emergency roof repair and restoration. But we also provide preventative maintenance to prevent commercial roof leaks before they happen.

Understanding Your Warranty

Your roof warranties are conditional. To validate them, you must properly maintain your building’s roofs. All roofing manufacturers require that building owners have a preventative maintenance plan in place. If you don’t have a regular maintenance schedule in place, you may find yourself out in the cold when your roof needs costly repairs.

Here are just a few samples of the fine print from several roofing materials manufacturer warranties.

Carlisle Roofing Products

“Failure by the owner to use reasonable care in maintaining the roof, said maintenance to include, but not limited to, those items listed on Carlisle’s Care & Maintenance Information Sheet.”

Firestone Roofing Products

"The roof should be inspected at least twice per year and after any severe storms. A record of all inspections and maintenance activity should be maintained, including the time of each activity, as well as, the identification of the parties performing the activity.”

GAF Roofing Products

The owner must follow a maintenance program in accordance with GAF warranty requirements. Failure to follow a maintenance program can result in a guarantee cancellation.

Genflex Roofing Systems

The roof should be inspected at least twice per year and after any severe storm. Maintenance procedures must be recorded as they are performed along with the log of all people accessing the roof. Owner will need to keep the warranty in full force by following the full requirements of a maintenance program.

Versico Roofing Systems

Failure of the Owner to use reasonable care in maintaining the roof, including, but not limited to, periodic cleaning of drains and removal of harmful debris from the roof. Verisco recommends that your maintenance staff/or maintenance contractor inspect the roof at least twice per year




We break our M4 Roof Maintenance Program down into four steps.



As a thorough on-site inspection by professionally trained roof inspectors,  the M4 inspection report includes.

  • Roof top core samples.
  • Roof top drains and roof top drainage patterns.
  • Roof top expansion joints.
  • Roof top membrane transitions.
  • Roof top metal copings and counter-flashings, along with, all roof-top penetrations.
  • Roof top HVAC watertight integrity.

Some of the things we look for include:

  • Failed Flashing
  • Alligatoring
  • Loose Membrane
  • Blister Under Roof Membrane
  • Ponding
  • Substandard Repairs
  • Damaged Curbing
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After the inspection, our experienced roofing management staff compiles a comprehensive evaluation and prepares a professional M4 proposal.

Our management team, which has over 100 years of combined roofing industry experience, reviews and evaluates the proposal. We then create a preventive maintenance plan and discuss our findings with you.

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Following your acceptance of our proposal, we then begin implementing your preventative maintenance plan. Our trained roofing maintenance labor force then goes to work protecting your building.

All M4 Roof Maintenance Programs use only the finest roofing industry materials available today. We follow all standards and guidelines outlined by the National Roofing Contractors Association and the Single Ply Roofing Institute.

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Our roofing industry supervisors monitor all M4 repair and maintenance steps, and perform all necessary preventative maintenance tasks. We also do a comprehensive field inspection at the completion of each repair project. This ensures we’ve completed all repairs and addressed all issues.

Bi-Annual inspections, usually in the spring and fall, keep your roofing records up to date. We complete any covered repair or replacement work during the bi-annual inspections. This assures that your building’s roof will continue to perform as designed.

Why M4?

M4 is Cost Effective

M4 maximizes the return on your roofing investment. We tailor each M4 proposal to the building owner’s budgetary needs. The cost of each M4 program will vary depending on some of the following characteristics.

  • The age and condition of your roof.
  • Is there adequate drainage?
  • Roof-Top mounted equipment.
  • Roof-Top flashing details.
  • Roof membrane transitions.
  • Water damage to the roof decking
  • Any building process discharges?

M4 is Versatile

We design each M4 plan to keep your building watertight for the duration of the M4 warranty. We perform all inspections and subsequent repairs within 48 hours, weather permitting.

Our M4 biannual inspections, with repair and follow up reports, provide a valuable roof history. Owners stay informed of any roofing problems resulting from storm damage, vandalism, burglary or negligence.

M4 is Protection

M4 Protection prevents minor roofing problems from becoming major roofing issues! Our expert roofing field personnel, along with our inventory of specialized roofing equipment, enable M4 to solve even the most difficult roof maintenance problem.

Under the safety net of M4 we will correct your roof problems and provide immediate action in emergency situations. The unique M4 service provides invaluable protection for your building, its tenants, employees and business products.

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  • Restoration of the present roof system.
  • 48 hour emergency repair service. (Weather Permitting)
  • Bi-Annual inspection of the roof.
  • Bi-Annual written reports to the owner.
  • Emergency estimates.
  • Bi-Annual clean-up of roofing surfaces.
  • Early detection and repairs of roof defects.
  • Product knowledge assistance.
  • Quality material and expert craftsmanship.
  • Peace of mind through reliability and responsibility.
  • Personal commitment to service customers.
White roof membrane


Our expert roofing field personnel have continual education classes, in house and by the different manufacturers. We stay up to date with the latest roofing repair procedures for any existing roofing system. They also carry a fully out-lined M4 Roof Repair Manual sectioned to the types of roofing for any type of repair.

That manual lists 30 separate and unique procedures for repairing different problems with an asphalt-based build-up roof. It also lists 32 procedures for modified bitumen, 44 for TPO single ply, and 48 for EPDM single ply.

Our Inspection Checklist for Signs of Trouble

Inspection Checklist
About Us | County Roofing Systems
Meet Keith Hutchison Schmied, owner of County Roofing Systems

During his long career in Long Island roofing, Keith Schmied has worked on all sorts of roofs. Flat metal roofs, asphalt shingle multi-family buildings — Keith has seen it all. And with the M4 Roof Maintenance Program, he brings those decades of experience to your commercial building.

Modern commercial roofs are part of a complete roofing system. If one part gets damaged, things can cascade quickly into a major problem.

The M4 Roof Maintenance Program keeps you abreast of what’s going on with your building. It helps you save on maintenance costs in the long run. We take care of problems when they happen so they don’t become bigger, more expensive issues.

If roofing issues are driving you crazy, let us take care of the problems for you. Give us a call and we’ll send somebody out to examine your roof and provide a proposal. Managing commercial buildings is hard. Let us make it easier for you.

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