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What is a Roof Deck?


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After a housing contractor completes roof framing, he then covers the roof beams. This roof deck provides the base for all other roofing materials. It forms the foundation of any roof system, and is the final line of defense keeping the elements out of your house.

Roofing contractors often patch asphalt shingle leaks without checking the roof deck and other underlying layers for damage. Left unchecked, these leaks can lead to deck rot and mold. Ultimately, you might require a full roof replacement.

When you have roof issues, you need a contractor you can trust. County Roofing Systems has been a Long Island roofing contractor for decades. We have over 35 years of experience in home improvement, residential and commercial roof jobs. If you need roof replacement or roof repair on Long Island, contact us today for a free estimate.

Why Is My Roof Sagging?

If you’re noticing valleys and ripples in your roof surface, chances are your roof deck is warped or rotting. Long Island winters can bring heavy snows. If the roof deck is already wet thanks to roof leaks or shingle damage, the weight can cause the boards to bow.

If caught early and the damage is not too severe, a roofing company can repair the roof deck boards. Should broken or rotted trusses be the issue, you will need a roof reframing and a complete roof installation.

The best way to avoid a sagging roof is to start with proper roof ventilation. At County Roofing Systems, we make sure that every roof we install has proper air circulation. This allows water to dry after storms and helps prevent mold, roof rot, and other damage to your roof deck. 

Many contractors use less expensive underlayments for roof installations. But we use Grace Ice & Water Shield to waterproof our roofs against the worst LI/NYC weather. With a Grace Ice & Water Shield, your roof deck has protection against ice dams, nor’easters, summer squalls, and other Long Island/NY metro weather issues.

Regular roof inspections can also prevent roof deck issues. Storm damage may not be easily visible from the ground. An experienced roofing contractor will spot damage that homeowners and amateur roofers will miss. They can then perform a quick roof repair that resolves the issue before it leads to more serious problems. 

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How Do I Know If My Roof Deck Is Damaged?

Financing your new roof deck project with County Roofing Systems

We know that roof deck problems are a big deal.  That’s why we make sure we get your roof deck project done right the first time. That’s why we use premium roofing materials to protect your home and family from the elements.

We’ve worked with financing agents in every borough and throughout Long Island. We can put you in touch with local lenders who are happy to help you fix your damaged roof.  If you already have a financing agent, we’ll provide all the paperwork they need to make the whole process as smooth as possible. 

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For over 35 years, Keith Schmied has been working hard to be the best roofing contractor in Long Island and the Five Boroughs. He has managed roofing, siding, windows, chimney, framing, and exterior projects throughout the region.

County Roofing Systems goes the extra mile to satisfy customers. We provide a free estimate that explains the issues and itemizes our solution to your problem. We install every roof according to exacting specifications and use the best roofing materials available. We take every job seriously, and we stand behind our work with the best warranties in the business.

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