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County Roofing Systems introduces CertainTeed Presidential Shake Shingles

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If you’re looking for the best roofing materials on the market, you want CertainTeed shingles. And if you want CertainTeed’s most luxurious roofing shingles, you need to check out Presidential Shake.

Presidential Shake is CertainTeed’s top luxury shingles line. These architectural shingles mimic the look of wood shake tiles. But Presidential Shake is more durable, less expensive, and easier to maintain than a wood roof.

Luxury asphalt shingles give you the curb appeal of historic roofing materials. But they offer much better insulation, which saves you money on utility bills. And CertainTeed’s designer shingles are part of a complete Integrity Roof System. When installed properly, these are the most rugged, reliable, and long-lasting roofs available today.

We’re a CertainTeed certified Master Craftsman roofing contractor. We have the training and skill required to meet CertainTeed’s exacting standards. If you want the best roof, you need the best roofers. With over 35 years of experience, we can help you achieve your Presidential Shake dreams.

Presidential Shake is a dimensional shingle


CertainTeed Presidential Shake shingles start with the most rugged fiberglass mat in the roofing industry. Fiberglass is the most commonly used shingle base because it is durable and holds the overlying shingle materials tightly. CertainTeed uses the strongest fiberglass we can get to provide you with a long-lasting weather-resistant base.

When bound to the fiberglass base, asphalt provides excellent protection against the elements. We’ve been using similar materials for a very long time. The ancient Egyptians used bitumen tar on their roofs for water protection.

CertainTeed makes asphalt using a blend of bitumen pressed with finely crushed rock particles. These granules protect the asphalt from UV light. Long exposure to summer sunlight ages the asphalt. CertainTeed coats its granules with a ceramic coating to provide maximum UV protection.

Granules add to Presidential Shake’s beauty as well as its durability. When making the shingles, CertainTeed also adds Max Def color granules. These granules will stay beautiful through the years, making your house a showcase.

Seven Different Colors to Choose From

Aged Bark
CertainTeed Presidential Shake in Autumn Blend
Autumn Blend
Presidential Slate Charcoal Black
Charcoal Black
Classic Weathered Wood
Country Gray
Shadow Gray Presidential Shake shingles by CertainTeed
Shadow Gray
CertainTeed Weathered Wood Presidential Shake shingles
Weathered Wood

Get Maximum Home Protection with CertainTeed Presidential Shake

Presidential Shake Aged bark
Class A Fire Resistance
Presidential Shake shingles pass numerous tests proving their ability to withstand severe fire exposure. A CertainTeed roof protects your home from lightning strikes and windblown sparks.
Landmark ClimateFlex
Algae Resistance
CertainTeed's StreakFighter® algae resistance technology protect against unsightly black streaks. Copper particles in the shingles discourage algae growth even in humid NY/LI weather.
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Wind Warranty to 130 MPH
Presidential Shake shingles are designed to handle winds of up to 110 MPH. If installed to proper standards by a certified CertainTeed contractor, you can get a wind warranty for 130 MPH.

The CertainTeed Integrity Roof System

Presidential Shake shingles are just part of a complete roofing solution. The Integrity Roof System gives your home and family the best roof available. CertainTeed craftsmen design every Integrity Roof system product for high performance, durability, energy efficiency, and protection.

The Integrity Roof System comes with complete, detailed instructions that cover every step of the installation process. If your roofers don’t follow these steps, you won’t get all the protection available from an Integrity Roof.

County Roofing Systems is a certified CertainTeed Master Craftsman roofing contractor. When we install your roof, you’re eligible for CertainTeed’s best warranties. With County Roofing, you’re eligible for a limited lifetime warranty on your roof.

1. Waterproofing Underlayment

A properly installed underlayment protects your roof deck and home from wind-driven rain. It also helps discourage the ice dams which cause so much roof damage during NYC/LI winters.

2. Water-Resistant Underlayment 

For added protection against wind and rain, the Integrity Roof System applies a second underlayment. This extra layer can make all the difference in a Long Island squall.

3. Starter Shingles

Overhangs, house eaves, and roof edges are areas where high winds can drive rain under the asphalt. Starter shingles at the edges help to avoid wind uplift and save your deck from water damage.

4. Shingles

County Roofing’s roofing experts will see that your roof installation meets CertainTeed standards. We have extensive experience with every step of the shingle installation process.

5. Hip & Ridge Caps

Hip and ridge caps are an aesthetic must on Presidential Shake roofs. But they don’t just look good, they also provide wind protection. You need hip and ridge caps fro the 130 MPH wind warranty.

6. Ventilation

Ventilation issues are common in poorly installed roofs, and can shorten the life of your asphalt tiles. The Integrity Roof System includes ventilation ducts designed to provide appropriate airflow.

County Roofing can help put a Presidential Shake roof on your home.

Presidential Shake shingles are certainly a premium roof option. But you might just be pleasantly surprised when you hear our installation estimate. We’ve been working with CertainTeed for decades. We have access to bulk discounts and special deals that our competitors can’t match.

County Roofing will provide your financing agent with all the necessary paperwork. Don’t have financing arranged? We can put you in touch with many of the reputable financiers we’ve worked with in our 35+ year career. Call us now and see what we can do for you.

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