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Wind Resistance and CertainTeed Shingles

What LI/NYC Homeowners need to know about wind damage to roofs

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If you’ve dealt with roof repairs after a bad storm, you know the havoc and heartache firsthand. Strong winds can damage or even destroy your roof. But CertainTeed guarantees wind resistance up to 130 MPH for its shingles. That’s strong enough to stand up to a Cat 4 hurricane.

Long Island and NYC regularly face high winds in every season. Read on to learn more about how you can protect your home and family with a wind-resistant CertainTeed roof.


You may not see any curling shingles or notice any roof leaks. But strong winds can take a toll on your roof even if it’s not immediately obvious. And with every storm those tiny breaches get larger and

If you’re concerned about your roof, give us a call. Our team has experience with roof inspections and shingle damage after a bad storm. We spot issues that most roofing contractors would miss. That means we take care of little problems before they can become big problems. 

We’ll do a complete and thorough roof inspection. If we find no damage, you get the peace of mind of a clean bill of health. If we find problems, we’ll work with you to find solutions that fit your budget.  

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All CertainTeed shingles have ASTM D3161 Class F Wind Resistance. This test uses a fan to test resistance to high winds. Class F shingles have withstood two hours of 110 MPH wind without damage.

The ASTM D7158 test measures how well shingles do against updrafts that can lift shingles off the deck in a heavy storm. CertainTeed’s shingles have D7158 Class H resistance. They stayed attached after two hours of a 150 MPH updraft.

Why Do I Need 130 MPH Wind Protection?

60 MPH wind speeds are pretty common in the LI/NYC area. We haven’t seen 100+ MPH winds since Hurricane Sandy in 2012, and before that since Hurricane Bob in 1991. Your CertainTeed roof already comes with a 110 MPH warranty. Do you really need to protect your home with a 130 MPH wind resistant roof?

To qualify for the 130 MPH warranty, your roofing contractor must take additional steps. These will add to the final cost of your roof replacement. You must decide for yourself whether or not the extra protection is worth the price.

Here are a few reasons why installing your roof to 130 MPH standards makes sense.

Hurricane Gusts

Meteorologists measure wind speed by averaging together values taken over a 2-minute period. But you may have gusts that are over 30 MPH higher than the measured speed. The stronger your installation, the more likely your shingles - and the roof deck - will be safe.

Additional Security

Remember, weather damage is cumulative. The stronger your roof when installed, the longer it will stand up against wind and hail damage. A 130 MPH wind resistant roof will last through more seasons of 50-80 MPH winds without worries about shingle uplift.

Extra Protection

For a 130 MPH wind warranty, CertainTeed requires ridge cap shingles. But ridge cap shingles are a good idea anyway.

They stop water from seeping into your roof deck during heavy rains, and protect your shingles from wind uplift.

Ultimately, adding that additional protection to your home is up to you. Our roofing specialists will go over the pros, cons, and costs with you. Then we let you decide what is best for your home and budget without high-pressure sales tactics.


CertainTeed’s starter shingles prevent water infiltration and wind uplift at the roof’s vulnerable edges. When properly placed, they create a watertight seal that protects the roof deck from wind-driven rain.

Poorly placed starter shingles can allow both wind and water to get under your shingles. Wind uplift will loosen the roof sealant and ultimately leave your shingles flapping in a stiff wind. Water can pool up under loosened shingles, leading to ice dams in your gutters and roof eaves.

CertainTeed makes three different lines of starter shingles:

Meet Keith Schmied, Master Craftsman Roofing Contractor

CertainTeed’s wind warranty only applies if your contractors properly installed the roof. It designs its roofing products as part of a complete package, the Integrity Roof System. All CertainTeed products come with detailed installation information.

When your roofing installers follow all those steps, you get the best residential roof available. Keith Schmied, County Roofing’s CEO, knows all the details of CertainTeed installation.

Keith has over three decades of roofing experience. He and his team have worked on residential, commercial, and multi-family jobs throughout Long Island and New York City. As a certified Master Craftsman roofing contractor, Keith has proven his knowledge and skills.

When you hire County Roofing to install your roof, you’re eligible for CertainTeed’s best warranties against wind. You can also get CertainTeed’s limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

If you have roof problems, County Roofing Systems can help. We can provide a free inspection and give you an estimate. Keith and his team do the job right the first time. We can work with your financing agent, or put you in touch with one of the many local lenders we’ve worked with in the past.

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