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County Roofing Systems is pleased to present Belmont, CertainTeed’s magnificent collection of luxury roofing shingles.

CertainTeed’s Belmont roofing shingles mimic the classic charm of slate for timeless strength and beauty. The design adds classic elegance while boosting the property’s visual attractiveness. Belmont luxury asphalt shingles provide style without sacrificing quality.

Luxury Roofing Shingles

Transform Your Roof with CertainTeed’s Belmont at an Affordable Opulence

CertainTeed’s Belmont shingles give you luxurious roofing at an affordable price. In premium roofing products, Belmont shingles bring elegance within reach.

Strong Beauty, Little Work: Belmont’s Easy Maintenance

Enjoy Belmont’s color scheme, which features deep browns, greys, and blacks emphasized by ochre tones. Shadow lines give the roof a character and add visual depth.

Unlike traditional slate, Belmont requires nearly minimal upkeep, giving it an effortless beauty. With CertainTeed shingles, you can enjoy the beauty without the constant upkeep.

Belmont Color Palette: Use Bold Hues to Boost Your Roofing Aesthetics

The Belmont Color Palette can turn your roof into a timeless, elegant canvas. Every hue is a skillfully created expression that elevates the attractiveness of your house.

Black Granite: Classic Elegance

Absorb your house in the classic elegance of Black Granite. This timeless option exudes timeless beauty against any background.

Application: Black granite is ideal for homeowners looking for a dramatic and dignified appearance.

Colonial Slate: Charm Inspired by Tradition

Colonial Slate gives your roof a warm, rich heritage-inspired warmth with timeless appeal.

Application: Colonial Slate is great if you’re looking for the classic elegance of heritage-inspired aesthetics.

Gatehouse Slate: Contemporary Style

Sleek, contemporary Gatehouse Slate enhances your house by skillfully fusing classic charm with contemporary features.

Application: Gatehouse Slate gives contemporary and midcentury homes a sleek, stylish, modern appearance.

Shenandoah: The Armor of Nature

With its earthy, inviting tone that evokes peaceful landscapes, Shenandoah brings the serenity of nature to your rooftop.

Application: Shenandoah is perfect for people who like to give their homes a natural, peaceful feel.

Stonegate Gray: Chic but understated

Stonegate Gray gives your roof a dash of understated elegance. This subdued but powerful color effortlessly goes well with various styles.

Application: Stonegate Gray offers a chic, neutral background that lets other features take center stage.

Aged Wood: Sophisticated Rustic Appeal

Weathered Wood exudes rustic elegance and blends well with various external features.

Application: Weathered Wood provides a touch of rustic appeal, providing a pleasant and inviting ambiance to your residential roof.

Explore the Belmont Color Palette, where each thoughtfully chosen shade expresses uniqueness and artistry.

Belmont Features

1. Class A Fire Resistance: Making Sure Your House Is Safe

Belmont receives a Class A fire resistance rating, going above and beyond.

2. 110 mph wind warranty with 130 mph upgrade

Belmont offers a strong 110 MPH wind warranty that comes with it, with an optional 130 MPH upgrade.

3. Lifetime Limited Warranty

Belmont offers a lifetime limited warranty as an investment in peace of mind.

4. Impact Resistant Version Class 4

Class 4 impact resistant shingles are available for maximum protection against hail damage, high winds, or other natural disasters.

Guarantee: All-Inclusive Security for Your Investment

We guarantee your happiness and the lifespan of your roof with our warranty offerings.

Residential Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

We provide a lifetime of coverage against manufacturing faults.

50-year Limited Transferable Warranty for Commercial or Group-Owned Equipment

CertainTeed provides a 50-year limited transferable guarantee for premises owned by groups or commercial real estate.

Algae Resistance Warranty for 15 Years

CertainTeed ensures against roof algae stains and algae growth for 15 years.

10-Year SureStart Protection

Certainteed’s SureStart guarantee offers a 10-year warranty covering both manufacturing faults and labor costs for replacement shingles.

15-Year Warranty on Wind Resistance Up to 110 MPH

CertainTeed guarantees its shingles against winds of up to 110 mph.

Wind Warranty Upgrade to 130 MPH Available

Certainteed can increase your wind guarantee to an amazing 130 mph! This upgrade requires CertainTeed Hip & Ridge and CertainTeed Starter.

All Colors Are Available

Our warranty covers all color options, so you can customize your roof without sacrificing Certainteed’s coverage and security.

Invest in the Protection and Beauty Your House Deserves

Choose the performance, luxury, and peace of mind that CertainTeed Belmont shingles and County Roofing Systems offer. Contact us today for a free consultation.