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Roofing in Brooklyn - County Roofing Systems

For over 35 years, County Roofing has earned a reputation as one of the premier roofing companies in the Brooklyn area. For commercial, multi-family, industrial, and residential properties in Brooklyn, we are pleased to be the go-to emergency roofers for repairs, maintenance, and replacements 24/7.
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We offer:
  • Our award winning 24/7 emergency leak repair service

  • Maintenance and rehabilitation

  • Total roof replacement

  • Safety and protection training and checklist approach

  • Warranties available to fit your company’s needs and budget

We at County Roofing are committed to providing you with the highest quality roofing materials, perfect installs, and unparalleled service to ensure that your commercial building is protected from the weather with as little interruption as possible.
Licensed Roofing Contractors in Brooklyn NY
County Roofing is your top rated, licensed and insured, roofing contractor in Brooklyn, NY and has been solving roofing problems for over three decades.


Why Choose County Roofing in Brooklyn
Here’s why people in Brooklyn choose us.
We Value Safety

Each roofing job that we undertake at County Roofing begins with the establishment of a comprehensive safety job plan. Our top priority is making sure the work area is secure and well-prepared to prevent harm to the public or private property nearby.

We Understand the Community

We are able to solve roofing issues using Brooklyn's best practices because we are familiar with the area. It means a lot to our team to be able to put our skills to use in the same neighborhood where many of us grew up.

We Stop Leaks Fast

Any roof in Brooklyn that springs a leak poses a threat to the safety of the people and possessions underneath it.

County Roofing recognizes the gravity of the threat and approaches the job accordingly. After receiving a call, we dispatch a team of highly-trained professionals equipped with cutting-edge tools to address the issue at hand.


Brooklynites Count On Our Outstanding Reputation

Whether you need a new roof for a business building, industrial facility, or private residence, County Roofing has the expertise, experience, and dedication to help you.

Today, the real estate market in Brooklyn remains hot, and it is considered the real gem of NYC’s five boroughs. As a hub for job opportunities, there are various structures, both commercial and residential, that are in need of roofing services. County Roofing has the right team that can handle your roofing requirements, especially in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Bridge | County Roofing Systems
Brooklyn Roofers | County Roofing Systems


Conditions in Brooklyn Can Be Harsh on Roof Systems

The roofs in Brooklyn often take a beating from the weather. It can be wet or snowy for more than 60 days a year. And more than 30 days a year will see temperatures below freezing and above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Constant expansion and contraction of the roofing membrane due to rain, snow, and hot summers is a major cause of roof damage.

In order to ensure the safety of your roof systems, the experts at County Roofing will assess your building and provide you with recommendations for the best roofing solutions.

We are well-versed in all aspects of roof maintenance and repair, and can help you get the most out of your investment.


Offering the Right Roof Repair in Brooklyn

No two buildings or rooftops are the same. Roofing systems and roofing materials are selected based on a number of factors related to the building’s specific requirements.

When it comes to roofing in Brooklyn, County Roofing System has you covered with certifications from the industry’s leading manufacturers with various material options, including TPO, EPDM, Modified Bitumen, PVC, or Metal Roofing.

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