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County Roofing Introduces CertainTeed Landmark ClimateFlex Shingles


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You might not think shingles are exciting. But CertainTeed’s new ClimateFlex roofing shingles truly are setting up to be a game changer.

ClimateFlex is a new type of asphalt shingle that uses cutting-edge polymer science. Polymers are long molecular chains that can interweave with each other. Nylon and epoxy are two different forms of polymer. Polymers give CertainTeed ClimateFlex shingles better resistance to hail storms and difficult weather conditions.

Polymers are naturally flexible. When combined in asphalt, they help keep ClimateFlex shingles pliable in temperatures that would make standard shingles unworkably brittle. Construction seasons could gain extra weeks in spring and autumn.

ClimateFlex shingles have Class 4 impact resistance thanks to polymers. But polymers also help make ClimateFlex shingles beautiful. Polymers help asphalt better hold color granules. This gives them brighter colors that are less prone to fading.

Landmark ClimateFlex shingles mimic the beauty of historical wood shake and slate tiles. But they offer the best durability, wind resistance, and protection that modern roofing science can create. Read on and learn how your roof can benefit from CertainTeed’s roofing science breakthrough.

Presidential Shake is a dimensional shingle


CertainTeed’s ClimateFlex shingles received an Underwriters Laboratory UL 2218 Class 4 rating for impact resistance. UL 2218 tests measure how well shingles hold up to dropped steel balls. Class 4 is the UL’s highest rating. A Class 4 shingle can withstand multiple 20-foot impacts from 2-inch steel balls without cracks or damage.

The naturally flexible polymers in ClimateFlex shingles absorb impacts without cracking or breaking. This makes ClimateFlex a great choice for people who live in an area that experiences severe weather conditions. You can enjoy peace of mind during inclement weather because you have the most durable, weather-resistant roof available.

In addition to rugged strength against hail and impacts, Landmark ClimateFlex shingles also have Class 4 fire resistance. Class 4 fire resistance means that they will withstand extended exposure to flames before they ignite. Lightning and windblown sparks are common causes of house fires. A Landmark ClimateFlex roof will give you time to contain or escape a fire.

Algae stains are a recurring problem in humid Long Island and New York. With a Landmark ClimateFlex roof, you get CertainTeed’s StreakFighter technology. CertainTeed used copper granules to slow algae growth and reduce the development of ugly black stains.

Polymers help ClimateFlex shingles to stay flexible in the winter. But they also help protect the shingles from the hot sun. Granules held in suspension by the polymers reflect or absorb UV light before it can break down the sealant.

Six Different Colors to Choose From

Landmark ClimateFlex Burnt Sienna
Burnt Sienna
CertainTeed Landmark ClimateFlex in Colonial Slate
Colonial Slate
Heather Blend
Moire Black
Resawn Shake
Weathered Wood


CertaSeal® is a fast-activating modified asphalt sealant designed by CertainTeed. CertaSeal holds your shingles tightly to your roof, protecting your home from high winds and shingle blowoff. And like ClimateFlex shingles, CertaSeal remains flexible after installation.

Many commonly used roofing sealants used on asphalt shingle roofs dry out and harden over time. And as your sealant loses elasticity, your roof starts to experience wind uplift and shingle blow-off. You may notice constant small leaks, especially after heavy rains. You may even see bare patches where heavy winds blew shingles away.

A roof replacement with weather resistant shingles can save you a lot of ongoing headaches and roof repairs. When you hire a CertainTeed Master Craftsman roofing contractor, we replace your roof with a complete CertainTeed system. You’re eligible for a warranty of up to 30 years on our work and 50 years on the roofing materials.

Over 20 years ago, CertaSeal introduced the roofing industry to a superior sealant. Today they’re continuing that work. CertaSeal and ClimateFlex® Shingles are both part of the complete Integrity Roof System.

Screenshot for CertainTeed CertaSeal instructional video

The CertainTeed Integrity Roof System

CertainTeed makes the underlayment sheets that protect your Integrity roof deck and home from water damage. They provide the starter shingles that protect your roof eaves and bottom shingles from wind uplift. They formulate the sealant to hold their shingles fast to your roof. They even include vents to protect your new roof from heat and water damage caused by poor airflow.

But the most important part of the Integrity Roof System are the detailed rules. You can trace most roof issues to sloppy workmanship. If you follow their guidelines, you can be sure that you have done a proper roofing installation. You’ve now built a roof that’s ready to withstand the elements and beautify your house for decades.

County Roofing Systems is a certified CertainTeed Master Craftsman roofing contractor. When we install your roof, you’re eligible for CertainTeed’s best warranties. With County Roofing, you’re eligible for a limited lifetime warranty on your roof.

Keith Schmied, CEO of County Roofing


Keith Schmied, County Roofing’s CEO, has seen over three decades of advances in the roofing industry. During that time he and his team have worked on countless residential, commercial, and multi-family jobs in Long Island and New York City. As a certified Master Craftsman roofing contractor, Keith has proven his knowledge and skills. CertainTeed trusts his work enough to stand behind it with their best warranties.

If you want the best roof for your home and family, you want the best roofer. For over 35 years Keith has been striving to be the best roofer from Suffolk County to Brooklyn and beyond. County Roofing Systems can help you with any roofing, siding, or exterior project. Give us a call, and let us make your home a more beautiful and energy-efficient place.

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