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Roof Repair for Residential, Commercial, Flat Roof & Multi-Family

Our County Roofing leak response team stands ready to dispatch any emergency roof leak repair service for commercial, flat roof and multi-family roof systems in your care. We are available 24/7.

We promptly and expertly make the needed repairs to stop the infiltration and prevent further damage to your home or business.


County Roofing is a certified roofing repairs contractor you can trust to give any leak problem the full attention it deserves.

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County Roofing is a certified commercial roofing company and has been servicing roof systems in our Long Island and New York City community for over 35 years.



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County Roofing Systems can help.

All of our roofing repair technicians are provided with extensive and updated training with all major roofing systems and applications, leak detection and repair technologies, and OSHA safety training and protocol guidelines. Each member of our team strives to meet County Roofing’s mission for service excellence, safety and customer satisfaction.

A roof system is one of the most expensive assets on a building. Roof leak repair costs can be traumatic for any business. A simple inexpensive roof inspection offers real-time intelligence on a roof system’s condition, leaks and other problems in need of repair, and the steps necessary to safeguard a roof asset. An inspection gives you the information you need to protect your roof and prioritize any services needed to protect your facility.


At County Roofing we get your roof leak repairs done right.

Over the course of many years and thousands of calls, we have come to fully understand how important it is to carefully deal with infiltration to protect our customer’s roof systems and property. When it comes to roofing issues like flat roof repairs, roof leaks, roof replacements, etc, we provide clients with the following:

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Long Island and New York City weather is tough on commercial, flat roof and multi-family roof systems.

In Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx and Nassau and Suffolk County the weather is very tough on our flat roof, commercial and multi-family roof systems. The seasonal changes we enjoy in the New York City and Long Island areas, bring drastic fluctuations in temperature causing roofing membranes and other materials to expand and contract. This pattern can lead to fissures, cracks and openings of the seams and flashing of even the best roof systems.

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Servicing the City of New York and Long Island.

When a roof leak occurs or evidence of damage to the roof systems appears, you can trust County Roofing Systems to identify the problem and stop the leak before further damage occurs. At County Roofing we have an award winning roof leak repair response team that will quickly and efficiently identify the problem and get it fixed quickly.

Spotting and addressing problems can help you proactively protect your roof and property while saving substantially and preventing premature deterioration of your roof system.


Prevention is indeed worth a pound of cure
After major storms and the extreme weather of summer and fall it is important to inspect your roof to spot any damage or problem areas that may have developed. Certain conditions which can lead to leak problems and infiltration offer warning signs. These signs can help you be proactive with roof repairs or any small problems before they become much larger and costly ones.
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Top Roof Leak Causes and Premature Roof Deterioration

Most commercial, flat roof repairs and multi-family roof problems are caused by poor drainage systems. These need to be fixed to allow for the runoff of water from the system, to prevent the accumulation or pooling of water on the membrane. After heavy rains or snow, it’s only natural for there to be pooling and puddles. However if this ponding condition persists over many days this can be a sign of inadequate drainage and runoff of water from the system. Water ponding and pooling can put extra stress on a roof due to its weight and ability to break down and infiltrate weaknesses in the roof system. Drainage problems can occur for a variety of reasons including the slope of the roof, adequacy of run off systems, and clogs caused by debris.

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Water infiltration is problematic when it passes through the shingles or membrane of your roof system and spreads to the insulation and decking underneath. Many times by the time such infiltration is detected it has damaged and warped the decking of the roof system making repairs even more costly than they would be normally if the leak was caught and repaired sooner.