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Superior Roof Coatings and Restoration

County Roofing Systems is the right choice for a speedy and high-quality roof coating application for your property. Our roofers are highly skilled and can handle any roof coatings and restorations project. We have experience working with metal roofs and all different types of flat roof materials. We focus on the details and we do the job right the first time.

Roof coatings can prevent leaks and add years to the life of your existing roof. They create a seamless membrane that blocks out water and UV light and resists mold, mildew, and staining. We can protect your roof using the best roofing materials.

Our Long Island roofing company has handled commercial and residential roofing projects and roof repairs for over 35 years. Give us a call and talk to one of our commercial roofing specialists about your roof restoration needs. We’ll ask some questions about your roof, then give you an itemized free estimate. A good restoration can make your current roof as watertight as a brand new roof.

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A roof restoration must start with a roof inspection. Many unskilled contractors will put silicone roof coatings over your roof without checking for issues. But you must address any underlying issues before you apply a roof coating system.

We seal any punctures in the roof membrane and make sure all flashing is secure. We also examine previous repairs to make sure they fixed the underlying problems. We ascertain your situation and then provide you with a reasonable quote for roof restoration and roof coating.

Some reasons why County Roofing Systems is Long Island’s best roof restoration contractor include:

  • Wide Range Expertise

    County Roofing Systems has a well-rounded team that knows both the principles and the practice of roofing. They are competent and experienced to finish the roof coating and roof restoration as scheduled.

  • Sturdy Installation

    As roof restoration specialists, we make it our business to restore roofs that meet or exceed industry standards. Contact us if you are looking for the best deal.

  • Safety

    County Roofing Systems ensures the protection of your property, thanks to our knowledge and high-quality tools and materials for coating and restoring roofs.

  • Warranty and Insurance

    We have insurance for everything we do. If one of our employees gets hurt on the job, you won't have to pay for their medical care.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roof Restoration

Does roof coating prevent leaks?

Roof coating fills in the tiny gaps on the flat roof surface where water can seep through. But if water gets in through damaged flashing, standing water, or other roof issues, it can still leak into your ceiling. Roof coating is no substitute for regular maintenance and inspections.

Is roof coating energy efficient?

White roof coating reflects back sunlight that darker surfaces absorb. A white roof coating reduces the temperature of your roof and can save you money on your cooling bills during a hot Long-Island summer.

What's the difference between roof restoration and replacement?

A roof replacement requires your old roof to be removed and a new one to be installed in its place. A roof restoration is intended for a roof with some wear but no major underlying structural damage.

How long do roof coatings last?

An elastomeric roof coating can last between 10 and 20 years, while a silicone roof coating typically lasts up to 15 years. 




Benefits of Roof Coating and Roof Restoration

With the right roofing restoration company, you get to enjoy the following advantages:
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Here’s How We Can Help You
Here are the common types of roof coatings we offer at County Roofing Services:
Oil Based Coatings

Oil based coatings are highly regarded for their anti-corrosive features. Additionally, oil based coatings adhere well to painted surfaces, unlike other coating types.


Acrylic coatings increase energy efficiency and decrease thermal fluctuations in your building. Highly reflective, acrylic elastomeric coatings have been shown to reflect up to 85% of the heat from solar rays away from the roof of your building.

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Restoration Roofing Cost

The cost of roof coatings and roof restoration will depend on a number of factors. We consider the size of your property, your roofing materials, and the difficulty of your job. We will examine your property and then provide you an itemized estimate.