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If you’re a commercial building owner, a leaky roof is a major problem. Your business could face building and health code violations. You could lose inventory to water damage. You could even find yourself facing enormous expenses to repair structural damage if your roof is left neglected too long. 

At County Roofing Systems, we’re small business owners ourselves. We know how important your building is to your life and your livelihood. That’s why we offer our M4 Roof Maintenance Program to give you rock solid coverage. Not only do we bring you fast roof repair in the event of a crisis. We also do regular preventive roof maintenance and roofing inspections. We catch small issues quickly before they become major problems.

We’ve got you covered with 24/7 Commercial roof leak repairs, restorations, replacements and preventative maintenance to stop and prevent roof leaks before they happen, for roof system longevity.

Our Roof Rescue team stands ready to dispatch for any problem 24/7. We will inspect, detect and repair roof system problems, with real time reporting, so we can promptly stop the infiltration and prevent further damage. County Roofing has been servicing roof systems for over 30 years, building trusted relationships by solving our customer’s roofing problems one job at a time.


Maintenance and Repair Services County Roofing Systems Offers


Roof Safety Inspection | County Roofing Systems

The M4 Roof Maintenance Program provides you with preventative maintenance to prevent commercial roof leaks before they happen.

We perform thorough roof inspections regularly. We check drains and rooftop drainage patterns to make sure water flows properly from your roof through the drain channels. We pay special attention to signs of ponding or standing water on the roof. We also look for blistering that suggests water has seeped under the membrane.

We also check many areas that other roofing company inspectors miss. We examine the copings, flashings, and counter-flashings to confirm they are intact and watertight. We check around the HVAC units and vent boots to make sure they remain sealed.

Every roof has a life expectancy. We check for signs of alligatoring or cracking that indicate your roof has seen better days. We can work with you to replace or restore the damaged areas before you need a costly roof replacement.

Because not every contractor does a good job, we pay close attention to prior repairs. A badly repaired leak could cover up serious damage that needs immediate attention.

Finally, we offer preventive maintenance tasks like drain and gutter cleaning. By making sure water has a path to flow away from your roof, we reduce your long-term risk of leaks and water damage.


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Roof leaks can be traumatic for any commercial building owner. Who wants to deal with angry tenants, damaged inventory, code violations, and water damage? That’s why you need somebody on call to take care of leaks as soon as the reports start coming in.

County Roofing Services covers commercial, flat roof, and multi-family roof systems in Nassau County, Suffolk County, and the NYC Metro area. Our roofing repair technicians have extensive training in roof repair technologies and re familiar with all major roofing systems. They have also received OSHA safety training and follow all protocol guidelines.

Each member of our team strives to meet County Roofing’s mission for service excellence, safety and customer satisfaction. We take care of business quickly and stay out of the way so customers, employees, and tenants are not disturbed.


Restoration Roofing | County Roofing Systems

Roof coatings can prevent leaks and add years to the life of your existing roof. They block out water that can seep into your roof insulation and UV light that can make roofing materials brittle. And it also resists mold, mildew and algae — something business owners in humid Long Island can appreciate!

Before we apply roof coatings, we do an inspection and take care of any minor repairs. Many less diligent contractors will apply coatings without taking the time to examine the roof for damage.

Roof coatings cover up the tiny spaces where water can seep through. But roof coatings won’t seal off larger roof breaches around the curbing or vents. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire a professional roofing contractor you can trust.

Restoration Roofing | County Roofing Systems
Roof Restoration
Leak Coverage
M4 Roof Maintenance Program
M4 Maintenance Program

Trust County Roofing Systems for Your Routine Maintenance Needs

  • Multi-point Inspections with Real Time Reporting
  • Cost Effective Repairs and Rehabilitation for Service Life Extension
  • Maintenance Programs For Maximum Service Life
  • Project Management Planning Financing/Structuring
  • Warranties to suit every need and budget
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Service
  • TPO/EPDM/PVC/Asphalt/Metal • Membrane Coatings
  • Siding and Windows for Multi-Family Roofing Projects
  • Framing, Waterproofing & Demolition
  • OSHA Compliant
  • Prevailing Wages
About Us | County Roofing Systems
Keith Schmied, changing the way roofing service is done.

With over 35 years of experience, Keith has established County Roofing Systems as a trusted contractor on Long Island and in New York City. Under Keith’s leadership, our team of skilled technicians ensures that every project, no matter the size, is planned and executed with attention to detail and safety. 

Having an experienced commercial roofing contractor on your payroll can save you a lot of money. An experienced roofer can spot damage that many less-skilled contractors would miss altogether. Taking care of little issues immediately stops them from growing into big issues.  

If you want your commercial building looked after by the the best roofing contractor in Long Island, drop us a line. We’re happy to put our expertise to work taking care of your roofs. 

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