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What are Luxury Shingles?


Generally, building supply companies use “luxury shingles” to describe their premium shingles lines. But unlike phrases like “fire resistant”, there are no regulations defining “luxury.” You have to take luxury asphalt shingle vendors at their word.

CertainTeed has been in the building supplies business for almost 120 years. They have a long track record of providing top-quality materials to discriminating buyers. While CertainTeed offers some mid-market lines like its Landmark shingles, its bread and butter has always been the premium market. CertainTeed is to luxury shingles what Lexus is to luxury cars.


Premium asphalt shingles can evoke the look of natural slate tile or wood shake scales. They add curb appeal to your home. But luxury shingles can be more expensive both for materials and installation.

CertainTeed’s premium shingles have demanding installation requirements. Installers who are only familiar with typical 3-tab shingle installations may not be able to handle the specialized demands.

Because premium roofing shingles are thicker than standard shingles, they’re also heavier. You need to check the roof frame to make sure it can handle the extra weight. Your roofer will also need to strip the old roof off entirely before applying luxury designer shingles. 

If you’re not sure whether or not your older house is suitable for luxury shingles, give us a call. We can give you a free estimate and provide any reframing work you may require to bring your roof to code. 

CertainTeed premium shingles are more expensive than generic shingles, but you get what you pay for. Because CertainTeed’s luxury shingles are heavier, they provide better insulation than lesser shingles against all sorts of weather conditions. This can cut down both your heating and cooling bills. And thicker shingles hold up better against New York hailstorms and squalls. 

CertainTeed designs its shingles as part of a complete system. Only skilled roofing professionals can perform this work to the necessary tolerances. To get the best warranties, your CertainTeed roof must be installed by a CertainTeed certified roofer.


CertainTeed’s Master Craftsman™ Roofing Contractor program provides education in every aspect of shingle installation techniques.

Certified Master Craftsman roofers have proven themselves skilled in every aspect of installing a CertainTeed roof. They know the requirements for working with different types of asphalt shingles. They follow good workmanship practices and can make sure installers handle flashing and ventilation correctly. This protects your new roof against mold and leakage.

A Master Craftsman Roofing Contractor is familiar with the nailing, underlayment, and layout requirements for different types of shingles. They can get the job done right the first time and save you the hassles of roof repair or roof replacement. And a Master Craftsman Roofing contractor can get you the best available warranties for your new roof.

We cover homeowners for 50 years on materials and 25 to 30 years for labor. All our installers are factory trained, certified, and insured. Thanks to our experience, certifications, and reputation, we can offer the best manufacturer warranties in the roofing business. That’s because County Roofing is proud to be a certified CertainTeed Master Craftsman Roofing Contractor.

CertainTeed Luxury Shingles Protect Your Home

Class A Fire Resistance
CertainTeed's luxury shingles offer the best protection available against roof fires
Impact Resistant Version Class 4
Thicker luxury shingles can better withstand blows from hail or fallen tree limbs
Belmont Shingle Roof by CertainTeed
Up to 130mph Wind Warranty
CertainTeed Master Craftsman roofing contractors can protect your home from even the worst weather.

Certainteed’s luxury shingles are the highest-quality laminated shingles available. They offer the most striking appearance and provide the best home protection you can get. While a luxury shingle roof costs more, it will also last longer. Most standard roof installations have a 20-year expectancy, County Roofing can offer you a 50-year guarantee on your new roof.  

We go through every step of the CertainTeed Integrity Roof System® process when we install your new roof. This ensures we get things right the first time, and save you the headache and ongoing hassle of a poorly installed roof. That attention to detail gives CertainTeed the confidence to stand behind our work with their strongest warranties. 

A roof installation is a major life investment. You may be worried that you can’t afford to take on a roofing project. But with some help from County Roofing, you may find that a new luxury shingle roof is within your reach after all! 

County Roofing Systems employee repairing a roof


You might be pleasantly surprised when we give you the estimate for the cost of installing luxury asphalt shingles. 

County Roofing has been working with CertainTeed for decades.  This means we can offer you exclusive deals and bulk discounts you won’t find from other contractors.

Our competitors can’t match our bargaining muscle. Come to County Roofing to get the best price and the best warranties on the best roof in the business. 

Putting off repairs can be a costly mistake

If you have problems with your roof, you need to get them fixed immediately. Unpatched leaks can lead to extensive water damage. Damaged shingles aren’t just unsightly, they’re a roof breach waiting to happen.  Ugly algae streaks can be signs of drainage issues. 

When County Roofing does a roof repair job, we don’t just resolve the immediate problem. We check for structural issues and hidden damage as well. We give you an honest assessment of what we find, then let you decide on whether a roof replacement is necessary. 

We’ll provide you with all necessary paperwork and make sure all permits are in order. County Roofing has over 35 years of experience dealing with finance agents and municipal officials.

Roof replacement is an enormous project, but we’ll work with you through every step of the way. We’ll explain CertainTeed’s installation instructions for your roof, and show you how we meet those requirements. We handle disposal of the old roof debris, and clean up the site thoroughly before we leave. 

A new roof can increase home value, lower utility bills, and make your humdrum house a head-turner.  If you’re tired of patching holes and you want to give your home the roof it deserves, let County Roofing help. 

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