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Residential Flat Roofs in Long Island and NYC

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You’ll find many flat roof condo buildings in Manhattan and flat roof brownstones in Brooklyn. Once you get out to Long Island you’ll find most residences have traditional sloped roofs. But lately we’ve been seeing more new homeowners building residential flat roof homes.

Residential flat roofs provide valuable extra space on your top floor. They also give homes a classy modern look that many homebuyers love. Flat roofing costs less per square foot than a sloped shingled roof, so it can save you money. But while flat roofs have their advantages, they also create special issues that flat roof homeowners must address.

Flat roofs require constant vigilance. Neglect a small roof leak, and a minor roof repair can become a full roof replacement and interior water damage. If you’re a flat roof homeowner, you need a flat roof expert on call to handle roof inspections, repairs, and maintenance.

At County Roofing Systems, we’ve been Long Island flat roofing contractors for over 30 years. We’ve worked on all different types of roofs, and we’re familiar with all state, county, and local building codes. If you’d like a fashionable, durable, watertight roof with curb appeal and style, give us a call to learn more about a flat roof installation.

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On a traditional sloped roof, water flows down the roof into a gutter and from there to the downspout. A flat roof will also have a slope, although it will be a subtle one. That slope allows rain and snow melt to pour off the roof.

To protect your home, roofers cover the roof with overlapping waterproof membranes. This keeps water from reaching your home’s interior. We also use flashing, metal strips that seal off the space between the membrane and the roof decking.

If roofers do a poor job with laying down or flashing your roof membrane, water can seep onto the roof decking. The damp wood can become susceptible to rot and warping. As it seeps into the space between your exterior and interior walls, it can cause further issues. Over the long term, an untreated leak can even lead to structural issues that need reframing.


Because of the many stresses on your flat roof, you’ll need annual inspections from a professional flat roof inspection specialist.

A flat roof inspector will explore your roof for signs of puddling. Standing water on your roof is a serious warning sign. It means your flat roof does not have proper drainage. If not addressed, water from these puddles will begin leaking through your roof membrane.

Your inspector will also listen for the flapping sounds of a loose sheet of membrane and look for cracks within the membrane’s surface. Even with regular maintenance, your flat roof can experience wear and tear from the Long Island weather.

Regular roof inspections let you catch problems early. Frequently your contractor can fix an issue by patching the membrane or performing some other minor maintenance. This is considerably easier and less expensive than dealing with rotted roof decking.

Financing your residential flat roof project

We know that financing any home improvement project is an enormous undertaking. That’s why we work hard to make the whole process as smooth as possible. Our free estimate provides an itemized list of all labor and materials costs for your residential flat roof project. We let you know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

We’ve worked with financing agents throughout Long Island and in every borough. We can put you in touch with local lenders who are happy to finance your flat roof project. If you already have a financing agent, we’ll provide all the paperwork they need to make the whole process as smooth as possible. 


Sometimes we can add a base sheet and a membrane on top of the existing roof, what we call a “layover.” At other times we find that the roof needs a full replacement or “tear off.”

If the roof insulation has become wet, you will need to tear off the old roof and replace it. If the plywood decking beneath the roofing material is showing signs of water damage or wear and tear, you will need a tear off. And if you have already done several roof layovers, your flat roof will need a tear off.

If your home needs a flat roof tear off, we strip away the old roofing and repair or replace any damaged plywood or insulation. Then, when we’ve repaired all damage and laid new roof decking, we install your new roof.

We’ve handled flat roofs for decades, so we know what to look for when prepping a roof replacement. We check all joints, flashing, and eaves to make sure every part of the roof is watertight. You have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your job is in expert hands.


Many residential flat roof owners turn their roof into an outdoor terrace. It’s a great place to put a bar, a terrace, or a lounge where you can gaze up at the stars. But you can’t just bring up some chairs and throw a party. If you do, you’re likely to do serious damage to your roof.

A flat roof balcony installer will check your roof’s pitch. It must have enough slope to drain water, yet not be so sloped that people can’t walk on it without slipping. They will then reinforce the roof as necessary to support foot traffic.

At County Roofing Systems, we’ve been installing terraces and balconies on Long Island and NYC flat roofs for decades. We know what the roofing inspectors want, and we always make sure that all permits and permissions are in order before we start work. If you want to add a terrace to your new home, or if you need repairs on your current balcony, give us a call.

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Over 35 Years in the Business

For over 35 years, Keith Schmied has been working hard to be the best roofing contractor in Long Island and the Five Boroughs. He has managed flat roof projects throughout the region.

County Roofing Systems goes the extra mile to satisfy customers. We provide a free estimate that explains your roofing issues and itemizes our solution to your problem. We install every roof according to exacting specifications and use the best roofing materials available. We take every job seriously, and we stand behind our work with the best warranties in the business.

Whether you’re looking for flat roof repair or a full flat roof replacement, we can help. Call us today and let us solve your roofing problems once and for all. 

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