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Welcome to a realm where your home transforms into a masterpiece, where elegance and strength converge to redefine the essence of sophisticated living.

Premium Roofing in Long Island & NYC

County Roofing Systems, in exclusive collaboration with CertainTeed, introduces Highland Slate Designer Roofing Shingles, a testament to our commitment to elevating homes in Long Island and the vibrant Five Boroughs of New York City.

Beyond conventional roofing, we present Highland Slate as an artistic expression, a symphony of enduring resilience and refined aesthetics.

As your trusted partner in this journey, County Roofing Systems transcends the ordinary, offering a service and a promise to turn your home into an enduring statement of unparalleled beauty and architectural excellence.

Highland Slate Designer Roofing Shingles Features

Here are some of the features of CertainTeed’s Highland Slate Roofing Shingles:

Affordable Elegance for Every Home

Step into the charm of yesteryears with Highland Slate, an affordable ode to old-world luxury by County Roofing Systems.

This modern interpretation seamlessly combines classical slate allure with cutting-edge asphalt construction, offering homeowners a smartly-priced roof that brilliantly showcases sophistication while providing unwavering protection against Mother Nature’s elements.

Inspired Design for Timeless Elegance

Crafted with precision, Highland Slate boasts a large format four-tab design expertly engineered to replicate the chiseled form of authentic quarried slate.

This inspired design transforms your roof into a canvas of elegance, offering a dynamic selection of color options with rich blends of complementary-colored granules. The result? A well-balanced and stylish appearance that enhances the overall aesthetic of your home.

A Top Performer for All Seasons

CertainTeed’s commitment to world-class manufacturing ensures that each Highland Slate shingle meets the industry’s most demanding quality standards for roofing materials. Beyond its highly reliable build quality, Highland Slate stands out with a Class A fire resistance rating, providing protection.

Moreover, with an impressive 110 MPH wind resistance rating (upgradeable to 130 MPH), this roofing solution guarantees peak performance in all seasons.

Lasting Beauty with StreakFighter Technology

Introducing StreakFighter technology by CertainTeed, a feature that extends the beauty of Highland Slate. County Roofing Systems ensures your roof is equipped with the ultimate stain protection, repelling algae and utilizing a granular blend with naturally algae-resistant copper.

This innovative technology fights against black streaking caused by algae, guaranteeing that your roof maintains its pristine appearance for years to come.

Highland Slate Color Palette: Stunning Hues to Enhance Your Home

Discover the alluring Highland Slate Color Palette, carefully chosen to provide a touch of classic elegance to your house. With pride, County Roofing Systems presents a wide range of colors that can completely transform the look of your home:

Smokey Quartz: An Elegant Take on Charcoal

Bring the sophisticated charm of Smokey Quartz into your house. This elegant shade that reminds you of charcoal gives your roof a subtle elegance. Smokey Quartz is perfect for people who want a timeless and traditional appeal, and it blends in well with various architectural designs.

New England Slate: Subdued Elegance

Let New England Slate’s earthy sophistication fill your home. This subtle color mimics the organic slate tones, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. A wonderful option for individuals who value a well-balanced mix of tradition and contemporary, New England Slate gives your roofing a hint of vintage charm.

Fieldstone: Grandeur Rustique

Fieldstone is the height of appeal if you’re into rustic grandeur. This earthy, warm color has a classic appeal and a cozy feeling. With Fieldstone, you can turn your house into a dreamy retreat that blends in with both modern and traditional architectural styles.

Black Granite: Classical Easiness

Add a touch of classic elegance with Black Granite. This rich, stunning shade gives your roof a dramatic touch while making a dramatic statement against your house’s color scheme. Black granite is popular with people who value a striking and sophisticated look since it radiates modernity and class.

Max Def Weathered Wood: The Enfoldment of Nature

Max Def Weathered Wood lets you feel the hug of the natural world. This warm, rich tone gives your roofing a hint of natural appeal by simulating the worn look of old wood.

Max Def Weathered Wood is ideal for people who want a connection to the outdoors because it looks great with various architectural styles and is long-lasting.

Shangle Ridge: A Fashionable Final Touch

Enhance your roof’s visual appeal with Shangle Ridge hip and ridge accessories, meticulously crafted to provide a fashionable final touch to your roofing structure.

Designed explicitly to complement Highland Slate shingles, Shangle Ridge adds a touch of sophistication to your hips and ridges. Choose Shangle Ridge for a seamless integration that elevates the overall aesthetic of your roofing ensemble.

Cedar Crest: Stylish Dimensional Look

For a stylish and dimensional look that perfectly complements Highland Slate shingles, opt for the hip and ridge accessories from Cedar Crest. These accessories boast an updated medium profile, incorporating two layers of premium materials for a striking appearance.

The blended colors seamlessly coordinate with Highland Slate, creating a cohesive and visually appealing roofing solution. Choose Cedar Crest to add a touch of sophistication and style to your roof’s hips and ridges.

County Roofing Systems allows you to personalize your roofing solution with the Highland Slate Color Palette to protect your roof from the weather and showcase your taste and style. These gorgeous colors will add a touch of sophistication and timeless charm to your house.

CertaSeal: Reliable Protection with a Proven 20-Year Track Record

Experience peace of mind with CertaSeal, a fast-activating modified asphalt sealant that has established a remarkable 20-year track record of consistent and reliable performance. As a crucial component in County Roofing Systems’ commitment to excellence, CertaSeal goes beyond conventional sealants, ensuring your home remains safe and dry through its advanced features:

County Roofing Systems incorporates CertaSeal as a key element in our roofing solutions, emphasizing immediate protection during installation and long-term reliability. Choose CertaSeal for a roofing experience that prioritizes durability, flexibility, and a proven performance history.

StreakFighter Technology

Introducing StreakFighter, an innovative technology from CertainTeed that redefines stain protection for your roofing. Those unsightly streaks commonly seen on roofs throughout North America result from algae growth, creating an eyesore in neighborhoods.

StreakFighter is the ultimate solution, harnessing the power of science to repel algae before it can establish a foothold on your roof.

How StreakFighter Works:

With StreakFighter, your roof becomes more than just a protective shield; it transforms into a beacon of enduring beauty. Say goodbye to the common issue of algae stains and hello to a roof that stands the test of time, all thanks to CertainTeed’s groundbreaking StreakFighter Technology.

Highland Slate Specifications

Learn about the outstanding qualities that make County Roofing Systems’ Highland Slate a superior option for roofing. Highland Slate is carefully designed, tested, and certified to meet the strictest industry requirements. It offers resistance, longevity, and a classic appearance.

Highland Slate satisfies strict industry standards in addition to these attributes to guarantee unrivaled quality and dependability:

Experience the unparalleled performance and durability of Highland Slate, where every detail is crafted to exceed expectations and redefine roofing excellence.

Highland Slate Warranty

Along with our unmatched Highland Slate roofing solution, County Roofing Systems is proud to provide you with a comprehensive guarantee demonstrating our dedication to quality and ensuring your peace of mind. Take a look at all the things the Highland Slate guarantee covers:

As a company, we are proud to provide a superior roofing solution and stand behind the quality and longevity of Highland Slate with a warranty. Put your trust in your roofing decision with the knowledge that it comes with a warranty that proves its durability and dependability.

Why Choose County Roofing Systems for Your Highland Slate Roof?

Choosing a Highland Slate roof enhances your house’s appeal and market value. Put your trust in County Roofing Systems to ensure your investment is wise.

Contact us right now for a free estimate and consultation. Together, we can explore your ideas and realize your ideal Highland Slate roof.