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Why You Need A Commercial Roof Maintenance Agreement


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Flat roof maintenance is a critical part of keeping your commercial building investment secure. But many commercial property owners only take care of their roofs when there is an emergency. They neglect the regular planned maintenance that flat roofs require. Only too late do they discover that roof neglect can be an expensive mistake.

County Roofing Systems has covered commercial and residential roofs throughout Nassau County, Suffolk County, and the NYC metro area. We’ve performed all types of preventive maintenance on all different types of roof material. from asphalt shingle residential projects to metal roofs for major commercial building construction.

Our M4 Commercial Roof Repair and Preventative Maintenance Program not only covers emergency roof leak repairs. We provide regular roof inspections to catch problems in the bud. And we also take care of regular maintenance to make sure your roof system stays secure and water-tight.

Every commercial building owner should have roof maintenance coverage for peace of mind and cost savings. Read on to learn how to protect your building with the best roofing company in Long Island and New York City.

Why You Need A 24/7 Roof Repair Agreement


When the leak reports come in, you want someone there to take care of your problem immediately. But leaks often happen during heavy storms, which means that many other buildings will be reporting issues. It can be days before you get somebody to take care of your problem. That means days of tenant complaints, inventory damage, water seepage, and frustration.

With a roof repair agreement, you always have a roofing services company on call. You know somebody will be there as soon as possible to take care of the problem. Your business is your livelihood and it deserves the best protection available.

Our roof warranty covers all emergency roof leaks and repairs. But we do more than just respond to emergencies. We also work to stop problems before they arise.

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Many commercial roof repair contractors only look at the immediate problem. They patch the torn membrane, but never check to see if water has seeped into the insulation. Wet roof insulation is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. This can degrade the insulation and cause issues with your building’s air quality.

If water seeps down to your roof decking, the wood can become soaked. Ignored for too long, you can end up with a rotted, sagging roof. This can lead to condemnations and expensive emergency repairs. We take regular roof core samples as part of our preventive maintenance schedule.

We keep your gutters and drains clean to prevent drainage issues that lead to ponding and water damage. We fix problems immediately, before they have time to grow into major roof issues.

Preventive maintenance plans can save you a great deal of money in the long term. Our most complicated and costly commercial projects involve badly maintained roofs.

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County Roofing Systems regularly inspects your property and performs any preventive maintenance tasks required. We recommend bi-annual roofing inspections for commercial buildings. A springtime inspection gives us a chance to check for any damage caused by snow or ponding snow melt. An inspection in autumn ensures your roof is ready for another Long Island winter.

Our thorough multi-point inspection and evaluation covers all the details necessary to find potential problems and issues. Your roof is part of a complete roofing system. We check to make sure that every part of that system is functioning as intended and correct any problems we find.

Spotting roof damage can be difficult, and not all issues are visible to the naked eye. That’s why our certified roof inspection team uses the latest technology when examining your roof.

Commercial building insurance policies require regular maintenance

A storm or catastrophic event can leave your roof with serious damage that requires immediate attention. But the insurance policies on your building presume that you are performing regular maintenance. If you don’t have a regular roof inspection and maintenance schedule in place, your provider may deny coverage.

Providers will also deny coverage on damage caused over time. For example, they might not cover roof decking damage caused by a long-ignored leak. Our roof maintenance team patches those leaks before they grow into costly catastrophes.

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Over 35 Years in the Business

A roof repair and maintenance agreement is only as good as the roofing company that offers it. For over three decades Keith Schmied has worked on roofing projects from Port Washington to Montauk and in all five boroughs.

Long Island weather can be tough on roofs. Water and heavy snow can accumulate on flat roofs. Summer sun can dry and crack roofing materials. Regular roof maintenance protects your investment against the elements.

With an M4 Roof Maintenance Warranty, you’ll never have to worry about your roof again. Our team of roofing specialists will take care of any problems that may arise when they happen. We also provide regular inspections where we nip any potential issues in the bud.

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