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Northport Roof Repair and Replacement


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Northport offers the charm of a small New England village with the convenience of a nearby Long Island Rail Road station. With a beautiful Victorian downtown and jaw-dropping views of Long Island Sound, it’s on our short list of Long Island’s most beautiful towns.

Being close to the ocean has many advantages, but North Shore storms can be hard on roofs. High winds can loosen shingles and driving rain can seep down to the underlayment and into your home. Blistering summer heat and cold winters can make roofing materials brittle and easily damaged. Older roofs may not be up to the task of protecting your home from the elements.

If you need roof repair or want a roof replacement, County Roofing Systems is your best choice. We’ve been a Suffolk County roofing contractor for over three decades. We’ve handled residential and commercial roofing installations in Northport and across Long Island and the NYC metro area.

We use only the highest quality roofing materials, and we never use subcontractors. Our highly trained team of Suffolk County roofers do the job right the first time. Call us today for a free estimate, and let us take care of your roof issues once and for all.

Algae Roof Stains: A Perennial Northport Problem

The humid Long Island weather creates a great breeding environment for the algae that causes algae stains on your roof. Many Northport home owners struggle with algae. Those ugly black streaks and spots aren’t just unsightly. They can damage your roof if left untreated.

Black algae absorbs heat, which increases the roof temperature. This can lead to higher cooling bills and to increased shingle degradation. Algae roof stains can also point to an underlying problem like shingle damage or poor roof ventilation.

Today many roofing manufacturers offer algae resistant shingles. These shingles have copper or zinc granules that stop algae growth. We can also install copper or zinc flashing strips on your roof to help slow down the growth of algae stains.

Some Ways You Can Help Prevent Algae Stains on Your Roof

Algae stains are an inevitable part of life in a coastal area like LI/NYC. But there are some steps that you can take to minimize the growth and keep your roof looking fresher and more attractive.


More Ways a New Roof Can Protect Your Northport Home

Residential roofing contractor | County Roofing Systems
Class A Fire Resistance
A new roof can offer you Class A Fire Resistance, the best available.
Wind Resistance
Guaranteed protection against winds of up to 130 MPH available.
Landmark Pro Designer Roofing Series
Grace Ice & Water Shield
Protect your roof deck against water damage from ice dams and leaks.
Financing roof replacement or repair

After decades in the roofing industry, we’ve established relationships with many local lenders in Northport and throughout Suffolk County. If you don’t have a lending agent, we’ll be happy to introduce you to some of our friends in the industry. We can also work with your current lender to make sure all paperwork is in order.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We know that many roofing services cut corners or do sloppy work. We want to make sure you’re happy with our work from the first free estimate to our final broom cleanup after the work is done.

About Us | County Roofing Systems
The Best Roofing Contractor in Northport, Long Island, and the NYC Metro Area

Keith Schmied has spent over 35 years as a roofing contractor in Suffolk County. As the CEO of County Roofing Systems, a large Long Island roofing company, Keith has seen all sorts of projects. He has experience in everything from large commercial and multi-family projects to residential roof, siding and exterior repairs.

A roof replacement is one of the best home improvement projects you can invest in. A new roof saves you money on your utility bills and can make your old Northport house look like a brand new home. If you’re tired of the expense and hassle of leak repairs, you can enjoy the peace of mind that a modern roof system brings.

We know that roof work can be an expensive headache. That’s why we try to make things as easy as possible throughout the whole process. We use top-quality roofing products and highly trained specialists who do the job right the first time.

Don't Miss the Great Cow Harbor 10K Run!

The Great Cow Harbor 10K Run
PO Box 41
Northport, NY 11768

The annual Great Cow Harbor 10k is one of the premier 10k races in the United States. Every year thousands of runners come to Northport, NY to compete. Proceeds from the run support the Special Olympics and local organizations like the Ecumenical Lay Council Food Pantry.

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