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Roof Repair and Replacement in St. James, Long Island


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St. James is blessed for its location. It’s a short drive away from the world-class medical facilities at Stony Brook and a quick LIRR ride away from Manhattan. St. James residents also have easy access to the North Shore and to many local parks. It has excellent schools, low crime, and lots of beautifully manicured neighborhoods. 

If you’re fortunate enough to live in St. James, you want your house to look its best. And one of the best ways to make your old house look like a brand new home is with a new roof.

A new roof not only beautifies your property. Modern roofing materials are more resistant to fire, wind, and impact than older asphalt shingles. And new roofs are also more energy-efficient, so you save money on your utility bills. 

Your home and your family deserve the best protection you can give them, and there’s no better roof than the CertainTeed Integrity Roof System.  Ask a County Roofing Services representative how we can protect your home with a CertainTeed Integrity Roof.

Let County Roofing Systems Cover Your St. James Building

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We can handle any roof repair large or small. Our team has worked on roofs across Long Island. We’ve handled steep slope roof projects for churches, flat roof jobs for multifamily buildings, and roof leak repairs for first-time homeowners. 

Some roofing contractors will fix the immediate issue without checking for underlying damage. We make sure that every problem is solved before we leave the job site. We know that a patched leak can cover up a soggy roof deck that might rot if simply covered over with sealant.

Other contractors will use a repair job to sell you services you don’t need. If we find underlying problems, we will give you an itemized list of every problem. We will also tell you how we plan to fix the issue, complete with all materials and labor involved. 

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We can repair many roof problems. But if your old roof is continually springing leaks and giving you headaches, it may be time to think about a complete roof replacement. 

A full roof replacement gives you all the benefits of modern roofing technology. Modern roofing materials are not only more durable, they’re also more energy-efficient. Your new roof can save you money on utility bills and will hold its vibrant colors for decades.

County Roofing Systems also installs commercial roof replacements. We’re familiar with flat roof and metal roof installation, and can provide you a modified bitumen, TPO, metal, or EDPM roof. Give us a call and let us give your old building a new roof that saves on utility bills and lasts for decades.

0% Financing Available for Roof Replacement or Repair
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If you’ve been putting off roof work, give us a call. The longer you defer necessary maintenance on your roof, the more expensive the final project will be.  And if you’re worried about the cost, we can not only fix your roof. We can also help you arrange financing. 

We’ve worked with many Suffolk County lenders during our 35+ years in the industry. If you don’t have a lending agent, we can introduce you to many residential financing agents who can help. We can also work with your current lender to make sure all paperwork is in order.

We’ve also worked with many roofing material companies during our time as a contractor. We can benefit from bulk purchases and special discounts and pass those roofing cost savings down to you. 

Contact us today to find out what financing options are available for your roofing project. 

Waterproofing roof | County Roofing Systems


Because St. James is so close to the ocean, it often bears the brunt of maritime storms. You may not notice any damage on your roof after a summer squall or a winter ice storm. Then another storm comes along, and you have water damage from the leak. 

We can give your roof a thorough inspection after a rough weather incident. Our professional roof inspectors can spot damage that many less experienced contractors would miss. We can show you what we found and tell you in clear detail your options for fixing it. 

We also do roof inspections for commercial buildings.  We check for ponding, alligatoring, or other signs of damage. We then use the latest roof inspection technology to look for invisible issues. 

County Roofing Systems Truck


If you own a commercial building in St. James, your insurance policies require you to keep up with regular building maintenance. 

But preventive maintenance is a good idea for other reasons as well. Keeping your drains and gutters clear can help prevent ice dams in the winter and roof ponding in the summer.

The M4 Roof Maintenance Plan is a cost-effective way to keep up with your building needs. It also fulfills the commercial roof maintenance requirements of your building insurance policies.

We also do gutter cleaning and roof cleaning for residential customers. Clogged gutters are at the root of so many roof problems. A clogged gutter stops water from draining off your roof and can lead to serious issues. We keep your gutters clean so you don’t have to worry. 

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About Us | County Roofing Systems
Meet Keith Schmied, President of County Roofing Systems

Keith Schmied is a lifelong resident of Long Island. He has over three decades of experience as a roofing contractor in St. James, Suffolk County, and throughout Long Island.  He has worked on residential, commercial, and multi-family buildings and has extensive experience in roof repair and roof replacement. 

County Roofing Systems covers St. James, Suffolk County, Nassau County, and the New York Metro area. Our roofing specialists have extensive experience in residential and commercial roofing. And we never hire subcontractors, so we put all responsibility in the hands of our certified and experienced team. 

If you want the best Long Island roofing company, you need County Roofing Systems. Give us a call and let us take care of your St. James residential, commercial, or multifamily roofing needs.

St. James is home to one of the finest bakeries on Long Island

Garguilo’s Bakery Cafe

503 Lake Ave,
St James, NY 11780
+1 631-584-9400

We can’t deny it, we’re big fans of the cheesecake at Garguilo’s Bakery. Of course, we’re also fans of the challah bread. And the foccacia. And … well, pretty much everything on the menu, really.

If you’re in the St. James area, you really need to stop by here. Trust us. We’re roofing experts, and every roofer knows where to find the best morning coffee and pastries.

Bakery Hours

Monday 5:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tuesday 5:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday 5:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday 5:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday 5:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday 5:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday 5:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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