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The Roofs of Huntington Station, New York


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The Huntington/Port Jefferson line is one of the LIRR’s busiest. Over 11,000 commuters pass through Huntington Station each day. Many more see the through their window as they pass by on their way to and from Manhattan. But this bustling Huntington hamlet is worth visiting even if you aren’t taking the train.

In over three decades as Long Island roofing contractors, we’ve spent a lot of time in Huntington Station. County Roofing Systems has worked on residential, commercial, and multi-family projects in the area. Our roofing services experience includes everything from commercial flat metal roofing jobs to residential roof repair and roof replacements.

Here’s a quick look at the roofs of one of Suffolk County’s busiest commuter stops.

The Homes of Huntington Station, Long Island

Many Suffolk County communities have zoned out smaller homes. But Huntington Station still has more modestly sized and reasonably priced houses. As a result, the town has become home to many working class families priced out of other Long Island and metro New York communities.

Huntington Station weather is hard on roofs. Squalls and nor’easters challenge roofing surfaces with driving rain, heavy snow, and high winds. A typical Long Island summer has over 30 days with temperatures of 90°F or higher. These extreme weather conditions can prematurely age asphalt shingle roofs.

If you’re a Huntington Station homeowner with roofing issues, we can help. We use top-quality materials on every roofing installation so you get a beautiful, durable, energy-efficient new roof. But we can also offer you surprisingly affordable prices.

We have over three decades of experience as a Suffolk County roofing contractor. This means that we can take advantage of bulk purchases and special discounts with longtime suppliers. Your new roof doesn’t have to cost a fortune. And you don’t have to live with ongoing leaks and roof problems.

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Huntington Station's Commercial Buildings

Thanks to a steady stream of commuters, Huntington Station has a thriving commercial district around the train stop. Many of these commercial buildings have flat roofs. A flat roof gives you more space on the top floor than the sloped roofs you typically find on residential homes. But it also gives rain and snow less opportunity to run off to the ground.

Flat roofs typically require a complete replacement every 15 to 30 years. A poorly installed flat roof will start springing leaks within a few years, if not after the first heavy storm. You can keep patching leaks, but after a while the cost of constant repairs becomes more expensive than a full flat roof replacement.

The highly trained team at County Roofing Systems has worked on many commercial roofing projects. We fix or replace your flat roof to the strictest standards using the highest quality materials. Call us today for a free estimate and let the best contractors in Suffolk County take care of your roofing headaches.

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Huntington Station's Best Roofing Contractor

Keith Schmied, CEO of County Roofing Systems, has worked for over 35 years in Huntington Station and throughout the Long Island/NY metro area. Keith has experience in everything from large commercial and multi-family projects to residential roof, siding and exterior repairs.

A roof replacement is one of the best home improvement investments. It can save you money on your utility bills and make your old Huntington Station house look like a brand new home. If you’re sick of patching leaks, you can enjoy the peace of mind that a modern roof system brings.

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